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On November 15, 2015, the seeds of my brand were sown. Music has always coursed through my veins, intertwining with my creativity in both fashion and art. That November, while penning lyrics for a song, I found myself reflecting on the evolution of the music industry. Memories of the cassette tape era flooded my mind, a time when each track was a cherished gem.

Inspired by this nostalgia, I embarked on a new creative journey. Armed with fabrics and a vision, I began crafting handbags with cassette tape players—a tangible homage to the music that shaped me. Raised on the beats of old-school hip hop, my connection to music runs deep, a testament to my soul's vintage roots.

Thus, Self Made Musicnaire was born—a name echoing my belief in self-made success, rooted in the timeless melodies of my past. Swiftly trademarked and patented, my creations garnered attention and acclaim. Yet, as my journey unfolded, I realized the true essence of my brand lay in my very name: Runyaro.

First Handbag

"I remember the joy and passion I felt while handcrafting my first handbag in my room, knowing that I was embarking on a new and meaningful fashion journey."


Big Daddy Kane

Big Daddy Kane

As a little girl, Runyaro was deeply moved by the lyrical hip hop music of Big Daddy Kane. It was incredibly humbling when he supported her brand. Runyaro custom handcrafted a backpack for him, and he showed his support by wearing one of our top-selling pieces of apparel. It was a profoundly grateful and honorable experience.


Runyaro custom handcrafted this backpack for the legendary Big Daddy Kane.

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